Arzaq Capital is a holding Company that has been operating since 2008. Its main aim is to increase its market value and capital through various investments in the local market, as well as expanding through subsidiaries that allow the company to broaden its investment strategies and gain access to multiple market segments. This provides clients with a wide variety of options for potential investment opportunities, with Arzaq’s International bank connections allowing for more solid investment and consulting outcomes. Arzaq offer clients diverse options and strategies to access global markets that offer high value returns. Arzaq aims to meet the needs of its clients by creating exclusive offers that satisfy the needs of its potential clients as well as keeping up to date of the ever changing financial requirement in the market place.

Currently Arzaq boasts a variety of subsidiaries offering various products and services.

  • Arzaq’s advisory services aims to maintain financial security of clients through customized service to meet changing demands, and by understanding individual requirements and shifting trends of the market; Arzaq can sustain high standards for wealth management and conserving client confidentiality.
  • Mena United which holds exclusive distribution rights for EcoPure in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Barayah Medical Company.

The company continuously looks for new opportunities in the market by identifying strategies that allow for successful market share of various industries. Arzaq encourages contact from potential distributors who are interested in collaborating to allow for growth on both ends and to achieve higher success by sharing strengths and market information.


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